Pain Management
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Whether you are looking for an alternative way to relieve pain or a quicker rehabilitate from surgery, GM Medical Solutions Limited has the answer for you.

GM Medical Solutions brings you the Neurotech Kneehab XP – Kneehab’s innovative Multipath NMES technology is clinically proven to significantly reduce recovery time as well as treating muscle atrophy in the case of a variety of surgeries, injuries and conditions such as: Total Knee Replacement, Knee Arthritis, ACL Reconstruction, Patella Dislocation, amongst other injuries. The Neurotech range of effective muscle rehabilitation and pain management devices offer high quality, easy to use, effective home based therapy to complement your rehabilitation programme. Kneehab XP – take the next step to your recovery.

Pain Management & Muscle Rehabilitation

GM Medical Solutions is appointed distributor for BMR (Bio Medical Research) – Neurotech has been and remains a leading innovator in Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES), a widely used and clinically proven therapy to restore normal muscle function. NMES aids rehabilitation by activating and strengthening weakened muscles through pads placed on the skin, which deliver a comfortable electrical pulse to the surface of the skin. This triggers the muscles to contract, helping to effectively strengthen muscles.

Athlete using Neurotech Kneehab XP

Game. Set. Match!

Neurotech Kneehab XP GM Medical Solutions

Kneehab XP

Kneehab XP is a unique, innovative and clinically proven, garment-based NMES therapy system specifically designed to treat quadriceps atrophy (thigh muscle wasting).

Nerve Signals Explained

Kneehab XP Explained

How can Kneehab XP help rehabilitate the knee?

Kneehab XP works by re-educating and strengthening the quadriceps (thigh muscle) through cycles of contraction and relaxation. It can be used to improve joint stability and treat quadriceps atrophy resulting from a wide range of conditions affecting the knee including ligament injury, dislocation, fracture, osteoarthritis and stroke. It can be used to help avoid or delay surgery and where surgery is required it can accelerate post operative rehabilitation.

Kneehab XP Pain Management
Kneehab XP Muscle Rehabilitation
Kneehab XP Muscle Rehabilitation Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

Kneehab XP can help if:

  • You are undergoing knee surgery, such as a knee replacement, arthroscopy (scope), ligament, meniscal or leg fracture repair. Kneehab XP can help you activate your quadriceps muscle, improving your pre-operative condition and aiding your post-operative recovery.
  • You are living with knee pain, arthritis of the knee, or thigh muscle wastage. Kneehab XP will help to strengthen the quadriceps muscles, stabilising the knee and allowing you to enjoy your daily activities.
  • You have suffered a serious knee injury, such as that often encountered when training or playing sport. Elite sportspeople such as Phil Jones (Manchester Utd & England), David Wallace (Munster & Ireland) and Christopher Dean (UK Winter Olympic gold medallist) have used Kneehab XP as part of their rehabilitation from serious knee injuries.


Kneehab XP has helped athletes from elite to amateur level in their recovery from serious knee injury. Here you can get an insight to their experiences with Kneehab XP.


Simple program, no cables and correct conductive gel pad positioning is easy.


Ideal for home use and can be used at a time to suit the patient.


Multipath® stimulation technology enables comfortable contractions.


Specifically targets the quadriceps which assist in stabilization of the knee.

Kits & Accessories

Neurotech Kneehab XP Kit Accessories

Kneehab XP Garment

Kneehab XP is a garment-based NMES system, designed specifically for quadriceps strengthening, and as a result, improving knee stability. Kneehab XP makes use of separate garments for your left and right leg, to ensure stimulation is applied to the correct muscle.

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Kneehab XP Electrodes

Kneehab XP adhesive electrodes conduct the signal from the unit to your quadriceps muscles. To maintain optimum conductivity between Kneehab XP and your quads, you will need to replace the adhesive electrodes every 4 – 6 weeks, depending on how often you use the unit.

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Note: In 2015 BMR transferred the ownership of the products used in the Irish/UK Orthopaedics & Pain business and sold under the Trademark Neurotech to a US corporation, TheraGen LLC.

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